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Pando Electric Unveils Smart EV Charging Solutions in Seattle

Seattle, WA – February 1, 2024 – Pando Electric, a Silicon Valley-based technology innovator specializing in advanced EV charging solutions, proudly announces the successful deployment of state-of-the-art smart charging outlets at OSW apartments in Seattle. This pivotal move, completed on January 30, 2024, marks a significant milestone in addressing the electric vehicle (EV) charging challenges within multifamily residences.

The process highlighted the efficiency and ease of installing Pando Electric’s smart outlets, with each device being set up in under 30 minutes - a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and user-friendly design.

Pando Electric demonstrates its unique value proposition for multi-family properties. The parking space is tight, leaving little room for traditional full-fledged charging stations– Pando smart outlet cuts out unnecessary parts, resulting in a minimal footprint to the garage with maximum convenience for tenants.

William, regional manager for OSW apartments, shared his excitement about the partnership, "Integrating Pando Electric’s smart EV charging outlets has been a seamless process. I am impressed by the professional and responsive service throughout the process. The Pando team is experienced in the EV charging domain and provided knowledgeable insights to best serve our EV driver tenants." William added, “Pando’s turn-key solution brings a hassle-free experience to our property management team.”

Thanks to Pando’s latest technology, by capturing the actual building load data, Pando can suggest the right solution to both serve EV drivers and ensure high safety standards against overloading and power outage hazards. Pando’s load manager is the key to a scalable EV charging system to future-proof multifamily buildings.

Aaron, CEO of Pando Electric, expressed his enthusiasm about the project, stating, "Our mission at Pando Electric has always been to streamline the EV charging process for multifamily properties, making it as seamless and efficient as possible. The installation at OSW is a prime example of how we're turning that vision into reality."

Pando Electric's smart charging outlets are designed to tackle the unique challenges faced by multifamily residences, offering a convenient, efficient, and reliable charging solution. With features such as remote monitoring, energy management, and user-friendly interfaces, these outlets represent a significant leap forward in making EV ownership more accessible and practical for apartment residents.

Pando Electric’s presence in the Seattle market is a clear indicator of the growing trend toward sustainable living solutions in urban environments. It also underscores the critical role of innovative technologies in promoting the adoption of electric vehicles, by ensuring that charging infrastructure keeps pace with demand.

Pando Electric continues to lead the charge in the EV infrastructure sector, with plans to expand its offerings to more multifamily residences across the United States. As the company grows, its focus remains on providing high-quality, made-in-the-USA products that meet the most stringent safety requirements, including UL lab certification.

For more information about Pando Electric and its EV charging solutions, visit Pando Electric.

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Pando Electric is at the forefront of the market due to its groundbreaking technological innovations. It offers a robust, intelligent, and turnkey solution for buildings. Additionally, Pando Electric is committed to delivering top-tier products and services, proudly manufacturing our products in the USA, and meeting the rigorous safety standards required by UL and CSA certification.

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